Software Capabilities


Milsoft - WindMil, LightTable & LandBase

Electrical distribution system modeling is completed utilizing Milsoft's WindMil engineering analysis software. WindMil accurately models radial and looped distribution system through a graphical user interface. Capabilities of WindMil include:

  • Load flow & voltage drop
  • Fault current & fault flow calculations
  • Capacitor placement
  • Load balancing
  • Feeder optimization
  • Motor flicker analysis
  • Regulator setting calculation
  • Reliability & contingency analysis
  • Arc Flash analysis

Utility system overcurrent device coordination is completed utilizing Milsoft's LightTable coordination software module. LightTable directly interfaces with the engineering module in Windmil to automatically coordinate devices. WindMil and LightTable calculate the coordination points for fuse-fuse, fuse-recloser, and recloser-recloser coordination.

Geographical maps are intergrated into the engineering model through Milsoft's LandBase module. Graphical backgrounds from the following formats can be displayed behind the engineering model: AutoCAD, Microstation, ESRI, TIFF, and Bitmap. Complete drawing layer control is available directly through LandBase. The engineering model can be exported to create printable system maps. 


Power Tools for Windows

GRP Engineering makes use of SKM's Power Tools software package for the analysis and device coordination of utility, industrial, and commercial power systems.

  • Demand load analysis
  • Voltage drop and load flow calculations
  • Fault current analysis and calculations
  • Feeder and transformer sizing
  • One-line diagram creation
  • Overcurrent setting and coordination checking
  • Arc Flash analysis



Transmission line design, structure analysis, advanced conductor sag & tension analysis, and plan & profile drawing preparation is completed in PlS-CADD. Transmission lines are modeled three-dimensionally including the topography, structures, and conductors.

Structure modeling is completed through program modules specific to structure material including wood, steel, laminated wood, and concrete.

Finite element analysis of transmission structures and overhead conductors are also completed through PLS-CADD. Project material lists are produced for cost estimation or construction purposes.


Southwire Sag10

Conductor sag and tension analysis is performed using Southwire SAG10 software, the industry's leading conductor sag and tension software. Sag10 provides numerical sag and tension information for most conductors as well as graphical representations of conductor sag based on span and temperature.

Conductor vibration analysis, thermal rating analysis, and analysis of conductor movement envelopes are all preformed in the SAG10 software.


Staking Express

Electrical distribution project staking sheets, unit lists, and material lists are produced utilizing GRP Engineering Inc.'s proprietary software, Staking Express.  Built around a MSSQL database, this software maintains construction units and material items on both an industry standard and utility specific basis.  Overhead and underground projects for both transmission and distribution lines can be completed within the program.  Material lists provide correct material items based on mainline and tap conductor sizes, pole height and class, and current selected utility.

Custom import and export routines are incorporated into Staking Express to allow for the field collection of pole and padmount equipment coordinates and data.  Data can be exported into ArcGIS for map production.  Additionally, projects can be exported directly into WindMil allowing for the creation or updateing of system models.



GRP Engineering has multiple copies of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT up to version 2014 to provide our clients with the latest CAD standards available. Project drawings are completed in AutoCAD dwg format utilitzing standardized symbols, blocks, and layers to expedite drawing creation and maintain consistency in drawing production.



GIS mapping services are completed through ESRI's ArcGIS desktop software.  GRP Engineering Inc. maintains current versions of ArcGIS to complete GIS related projects including spatial analysis, geocoding, database management, and various map productions.  Through the use of a Trimble GEOCollector XT handhold GPS unit and GPSAnalyst software, GRP Engineering Inc. can accurately map and locate surface features to an accuracy of three feet or less.