Traverse City Light & Power

Project consisted of replacement of two 50MVA transformers with two new 90 MVA transformers these were 138 to 69 kV units.

Project also provided for relay upgrades and additions, SCADA modifications, 138kV and 69kV line reconfigurations, 69kV bus upgrade to 3" aluminum, five (5) new 69kV breaker replacements, and two 69kV capacitor bank with pre-insertion resistors Circuit Switchers.

Engineering services included:

  • Preliminary cost estimate
  • Preliminary design
  • Power transformer, 69kV Breaker Capacitor Bank & Circuit switcher procurement documents
  • Control panel design & procurement
  • Oil containment modifications
  • 138 & 69 kV line design
  • Bidding & contract documents
  • Construction observation
  • Field Start-up services
  • Record drawings
  • Closeout documentation

Additional Info

  • Project: 2-90 MVA Transformer Replacement
  • Client: Traverse City Light & Power Department
  • Location: Traverse City, Michigan