Great Lakes Energy

Project consisted of the reconstruction of 6.0 miles of V-phase and 6.5 miles of three-phase overhead distribution line.

A total of five RUS distribution work plan projects were completed. Two projects included relocation of the lines from deep right-of-way to edge of the roads. Significant tree clearing was required to complete the relocations. Conductor size was increased to #1/0 ACSR on the V-phase line and #336.4 ACSR on the three-phase lines to provide circuit capacity for backing up nearby substation circuits and to minimize voltage drop.

Engineering services included:

  • Distribution line design
  • Staking sheet preparation
  • Construction assembly drawings
  • RUS 790 Contract documents
  • Material procurement
  • Construction staking
  • Construction observation
  • Inspection for RUS219 approval
  • RUS Closeout documentation             

Additional Info

  • Project: Distribution Line Reconstruction, RUS Work Plan Projects - 2006
  • Client: Great Lakes Energy
  • Location: Boyne City, Michigan