City of Harbor Springs

A ten-year electrical system masterplan was completed for the City of Harbor Springs to prioritize capital improvement projects and improve system capacity and reliability.

The primary electrical system was inventoried and a computer model created in WindMil to perform a system analysis. Improvement projects were selected to maintain service to customers during equipment and circuit outages, eliminate low voltage conditions, provide redundant circuits to critical loads, expand the system for potential load growth, and replace aging equipment, poles and conductor.  Projects were prioritized and construction cost estimates completed.

Engineering services included:

  • Primary system inventory
  • Computer model creation
  • System analysis – voltage drop, capacitor placement, load balancing, equipment overload, & reliability
  • Load growth potential assessment
  • Overcurrent device coordination
  • System improvement recommendations
  • Cost Estimating

Additional Info

  • Project: Electrical System Masterplan
  • Client: City of Harbor Springs
  • Location: Harbor Springs, Michigan