City of Charlevoix

Projects consisted of the complete reconstruction of various sections of single-phase and three-phase overhead distribution line throughout the City of Charlevoix's electrical distribution system.

Reconstruction projects included circuit ties for backfeed capabilities, line extensions to serve new load, line raising to allow for large boat movement to storage facilities, and voltage conversion from 2.4/4.16kV to 7.2/12.5kV. Overhead lines located along back lot lines were relocated to road right-of-way for maintenance and truck accessibility purposes.

Engineering services included:

  • Distribution line design
  • Staking sheet preparation
  • Construction staking
  • Construction inspection
  • MDOT Permitting
  • Property & ROW Determinations

Additional Info

  • Project: Distribution Line Reconstruction Projects, 2003-2005
  • Client: City of Charlevoix
  • Location: Charlevoix, Michigan